Reykjavík tíl Ísafjörður

Xan’s parents came to town this last Monday and are spending a week and a half with us here in Iceland. It has been so much fun to show them around. We’ve just completed our first trip which lasted 3 days. We drove up around the West Fjords and Snaefellsness. Of course I took almost 100 photos because it was so beautiful, so I’m going to break up my posts into days.

Day 1: Reykjavík tíl Ísafjörður

Our route is marked by the yellow line. This is the western coast of Iceland.

This was a cool house we passed on our way up.

It was slightly raining and we spotted dozens of rainbows.

I believe this is part of Whale Fjord, or in Icelandic: Hvalfjörður

More of Hvalfjörður.

And even more!

These clouds make all their mythology come to life. Can´t you hear Wagner´s Valkeryie music in the background and envision all those female warriors riding in the heavens?

Now we have reached Reykholt. I marked it with the green dot on the map because it wasn’t listed by name. This is the farmland of Snorri Sturluson who is the author of the Edda.

This is the bathhouse on the farm that they would pump with hot water. It was rediscovered in the 1800’s and reconstructed.

Steam is found all over Iceland just shooting up from the ground. Here’s a spot just a hundred yards or so from the bath.

I liked this rock.

This is Snorri’s statue.

And the graveyard. All this was built in the last hundred years or so, so the graves aren’t more than a century old but Snorri is believed to be buried somewhere around here.

Continuing northward, we passed a lot of Icelandic horses. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see Rebekkah’s horse on Monday morning so I’ll write more about them when I post those pictures if we get to go.

We aren’t quite to the West Fjords in this picture but there were a lot more snowy parts.

This was picturesque.

Still not there.

Not there yet, but we can now see the beginning of the West Fjords. By the way, the West Fjords is the section on the map in the top left hand corner that is like a lobtser’s claw.

Here’s a cool looking house with the sod on the top.

Yeah! We made it! There were a ton of waterfalls from all the natural springs and the glacial run off water.

I mean… A TON of waterfalls!

We got out of the car to check the water temperature.

Xan and his dad, Keith, walked around looking for interesting things in the water.

They could have spent hours just poking around. 🙂

Even more waterfalls.

We also spotted a group of seals. Oh, I also should note that these pictures that I’ve taken once we reached the fjords are us going in and out of the fingers. Driving up the fjord and back out. Maybe someday they might build more bridges or blast tunnels through the mountains… LOL

Here are some of the cool mountains that you can tell have been cut down by the glaciers.

And this picture was the last fjord before we reached our destination at Ísafjörður. We spent the night here. It´s the largest city in the West Fjords and probably had a couple thousand people. The town was really cute. I guess I forgot to take a picture of it…. Sorry!

And thus ends Day 1. Stay tuned for the rest of our travels. We still have the Golden Circle and the South Coast trips ahead of us. Iceland is so BEAUTIFUL!


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