Hide and Go Seek in a Cave!

For a combined young single adult and youth activity, we all went out about 20 min. from the church and played hide and go seek in a cave. Yeah. It was awesome!

It was pitch black in the cave and was about the size of a normal BYU classroom (not the auditoriums) or maybe slightly bigger. The leaders broke open some glow sticks and splashed glowing paint spots all over the walls. Then, one by one, we all got splashed ourselves. The idea is that we blend into the environment so the seeker has to wonder around the cave carefully searching among the rocks and walls to find people. The cave sort of looked like this picture below only there were no spots on the ceiling.

Sofia, here, is holding up one of the glow sticks we used to light up the tunnel to the main part of the cave. It is identical to the ones that we broke open to splatter ourselves.

Here’s a picture of the area the cave was located. It wasn’t too far outside the city.

We had to crawl down a narrow hole and through a short tunnel first. Here is a picture of Xan climbing out.

Followed by Unni.

This is a picture of Unndis. She had just gotten baptized an hour or two before the activity. 🙂

Here is Johannes and Oscar. Oscar is an investigator. He also plays soccer with us on Saturdays.

The missionaries were excited that they got to participate.

I was hoping to get a picture of all of us splashed in paint but it was colorless in the daylight. You can’t even tell it is on my clothes at all! You’ll just have to trust me that we looked cool. 🙂

Above is Unni, Rebekka, and me. Below is Malianna and me.

Here is Gunnar in his car.

And Kiddý. She had been abroad while I was here in Iceland the first time.

I really hope I get to do this kind of activity again. Xan and I both really loved it! I wasn’t very good cause I was a little cold so I shivered a bit. It’s easy to detect moving spots. 😉 But, I was never the first found… so I am okay with that. LOL


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