Walking out to the Lighthouse

I got a bit creative this time around and altered a map so you could see the geography of where we live a bit better. Also, this is Reykjavik City and more. The city may be the capital but it is still pretty small! Okay. The red dot at the hub of the blue, purple and green is where our apartment is. We can see the ocean if we stand on the sidewalk in front of the house. The blue route is my walk to the grocery store. It’s probably a bit over a mile round trip. So, not very far. The green route is Xan’s walk to the University. The purple walk is what we did today. 🙂 Xan guessed it was 4 miles. I think it was 4-5.
These first pictures are off of the coast that we can see from our house. So, we went counter clockwise on our route.

We crawled down the rocks and walked along the beach for part of the way since the tide was down.

It was still pretty cold, though.

I think this anchor was around the place on the map where it is a one way there and back. It was just out there by itself and was crying for its photo to be taken. LOL

You can see the lighthouse off into the distance.

If you look on the map, there is a narrow channel of land before it gets wider again where the lighthouse sits. Oh my! It is so cold to walk there because you get the ocean wind from BOTH sides of you.

The view made it totally worth it, though!

This is just north of the lighthouse. Xan went off to see if there were any live creatures in all the water puddles. He found two dead crabs and a crab shell. No live things. We did find some pretty sea shells, though.

This is on our way back along the other side of the coast… so the southwest. I thought it was an interesting statue. There are all sorts of statues everywhere!

This is farther out than I normally run but its the same coastline that I love to run. It’s so pretty and the wind is usually fairly tame. It’s not as cold as the north coast, either.

Haha! I got a shot of him smiling!

It was a lot of fun to go out that way. I got really cold up by the lighthouse as we played along the coast. I had warmer expectations of what our activities would be and was caught unprepared. But, it was still really pretty and worth it.


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