Gleðilega Páska! (Happy Easter)

Happy Easter, everyone! Yesterday, I bought an Icelandic Easter Egg at the store for Xan and I to have this morning. This year, we are doing Easter the Icelandic way. There are Easter egg hunts here but there is less of the Easter bunny dropping off baskets of jellybeans and marshmallow chicks. Here, you wake up and get an Easter egg made of DELICIOUS chocolate! Down below is our egg. I put a computer mouse in the picture to give you some sort of scale of how big these really are.

After admiring the pretty egg, you break it to find all the goodies inside. Gummy bears, chocolate covered raisins, caramel sucker, black licorace, chocolate covered lots of things, ect. There is also a little piece of folded paper that has a proverb on it. I gave it to Xan to translate and he either hasn’t looked it up yet or just hasn’t told me. 🙂

And, on a completely different tangent, this is my plant. I figured since we eat a lot of lamb, and mint goes really well with lamb but is expensive to buy fresh for each use, that I could buy a mint plant! Actually, I just saw it at the store, put the logic together, and bought it. LOL!

Church today was nice and short. The buses don’t run and most people go out of town for the break so we simply had sacrament meeting and left it at that. The poor missionary couple spent all morning picking people up and then had to drop us all off after it was over. Well, Sister Koyle enjoyed the chance to actually get to drive herself since they borrowed a second vehicle. She got to drive one and Elder Koyle drove the other. 🙂


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