veðrið er mjög flott! (The weather is fantastic!)

Today is the start of the Easter Holidays. School is out. Most people are getting the whole Thursday through Monday off of work. And, to top things off, the weather has been wonderful. I’ve never seen so many Icelanders walking, sitting, talking, mingling, lounging, and playing outside. We’re still in Iceland, so good weather in the Spring is sunny, little wind, and a temperature of 4 or 5 degrees C. Let’s see… what is that in Fahrenheit… around 37 degrees. 🙂 Xan had some problems with Iceland Air and ticketing so unfortunately, he is unable to make the trip to Cornell. But, he is out of class until next Wednesday so he gets to take some days off to relax.

I couldn’t resist taking the coastline on the way to the store today. I brought my camera to get the ocean in warmer weather. Easter Holiday is apparently a lot like Christmas Holiday in that all the stores shut down for 4 or 5 days. We stocked up today on lots of food because we aren’t sure if the stores will be open until Tuesday.

Here’s the ocean. Look at that blue sky!

There’s the entrance to the center of the Earth. That’s Mount Snæfellsness.

That face is usually what he gives me when I say, “smile!” and have a camera. LOL

I was even able to let my hair stay half down since it wasn’t crazy windy. I hope this weekend means that Spring is on its way and that the icey sidewalks are history!


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