Icelandic Numbers

My quest to learn Icelandic continues. I know I am capable of learning a fairly decent chunk by the end of my three months here… the question is WILL I actually put forth the effort to do it. (Jeopardy music in the background…)

My lesson I’m concentrating on this week is the Icelandic number system. It is complex, unfortunately, and is taking a lot of practice just to figure it all out. Here’s a break down of 1-4

Masculine: einn, tveir, þrír, fjórir
Feminine: ein, tvær, þrjár, fjórar
Neuter: eitt, tvö, þrjú, fjögur

After the first four, the numbers all stay the same: 5-20

fimm, sex, sjö, átta, níu, tíu, ellefu, tólf, þrettán, fjórtán, fimmtán, sextján, sautján, áttján, níután, tuttugu

Then, the fun part begins when you decide which gender for the 1,2,3,4 needs to be used. Time is always neuter. Counting non specific things… just counting… uses masculine. And, the word kronur (dollars) is feminine so you use feminine when describing how much something costs.

I could easily take up a whole nother page to continue the lesson but I’ll spare you the details. In some ways the system is rather entertaining. It creates a game to try to figure it all out and use the right combinations and say the right genders.

Wish me luck!


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