Changes in Iceland

Oh man. Life has been pretty crazy since being back. Xan and I have been really busy with various events such as sport playing, church activities/meetings, and meeting up with friends I haven’t seen for a while. There have been a few changes since I left. The first obvious one is that there is so much more daylight now! The sun rises around six in the morning and starts setting around nine in the evening. It’s been so different to be able to see Iceland in the daylight and eat/clean up dinner with daylight to spare. I’ve loved it. The other difference is the temperature is a bit warmer. It’s still pretty cold and rainy but I’ve found that I’ll survive outside with just a hoodie on and some occasional mitten wearage. I’m loving it!


1. I played in a soccer game on Saturday with some of the members of the branch, missionaries, and investigators. I haven’t played a game of soccer since the 7th grade. I was relieved to find that I wasn’t terrible, although… I’m still not very good. Then, I woke up the next day (this morning), and I don’t want to move! I am so sore! My legs feel bruised all over inside and out! Despite the soreness, I am so excited to play again next week. 🙂

2. Today was the longest General Conference day of my life. Don’t get me wrong – it was fantastic messages, but I have a hard time doing them back to back. Saturday night from 4-6 pm, everyone met at the chapel to watch the Saturday morning session live. Sunday morning from 9-10:30 was the Priesthood session that had been taped. 12-2 pm was the Saturday afternoon session taped. Then we had a potluck dinner. 4-6 pm was the Sunday morning live and then 8-10 pm was Sunday afternoon live. I about died with my attention span. I’m pretty sure I prefer watching conference in my pj’s on the couch at home. LOL

3. Xan has been invited by Cornell University to come visit campus. They are paying for the majority of the trip. He’ll most likely leave for New York this Wednesday and get back on Monday. We’re really excited about this chance. The correspondents he has been dealing with have been fantastic with him. I’ll be staying here in Iceland keeping myself busy with learning this blasted language. I only have 3 months to get it all down!

4. We now have 4 schools in the consideration pile. BYU offered a decent finance package with some interesting research projects he’s been invited to participate in. UCLA also bumped up their financial offer making it tie with Cornell. And then, Berkeley, still is decent but still at the bottom of the four. In ranking order of our current preference: 1) Cornell 2) UCLA 3) BYU 4) Berkeley

Summing things up, I love being back in Iceland. It’s so good to be home and to be with Xan again. I’ve loved doing my running along the coast line. I’ve even ventured so far as to take Sylvia’s dog with me once. I also learned that running with the wind is significantly easier than running against it. LOL.

Things will probably settle into more of a routine in the next few days and I should get my bloggin habits back soon. I have so many blogs to read! It’s going to be an entire day’s project.


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