Coming to the last couple of weeks of vacation time

Life has been hectic traveling around and visiting people but it has also been so much fun! I stayed with my new sister-in-law, Kressyda, and her family in Laredo for about 3 weeks. Loved my time there! They are an awesome family and I’m really glad I was able to get to know them better.

Right now I am in San Antonio visiting Tiffany. She was one of my roommates from the Chinese house in the Foreign Language Student Residency. Love her! She also has an old friend from high school living here with her. She is really nice and luckily, we both like each other, too. 🙂 Yesterday, Tiffany and I took a trip to downtown San Antonio and visited the Street Market. It is basically a flea market type place with all sorts of beautiful Mexican crafts. It was so much fun to wander through the small shops and look at all the wonderful things. Tiffany and I indulged in our ability to speak Chinese and loved knowing that no one else around us could understand us, let alone even guess what language we were speaking. In the evenings, we have been spending our time watching either Bollywood or Korean TV dramas. In only two or three days here, I am already realizing how much I miss studying Chinese and being involved in studying Asian Studies.

I fly back to Utah on Thursday and have a lot more to fit into my short week and a half there. I have a few more people to see and things to do. I fly out of Salt Lake on March 31st and arrive in Iceland April 1st. I am so excited!

Update on Xan and graduate school: He is doing really well and keeps busy with all of his school and church responsibilities. He’s heard back from all but two of the schools he applied to.

Accepted: BYU, UCLA, Berkeley, University of Indianna in Bloomington
Wait-listed: Cornell
Rejected: Harvard, Yale

We are still waiting to hear from Texas A&M and University of Hawaii. I’m getting pretty anxious to find out where we will be living this fall. The suspense just keeps building. But, I’ll let you all know as soon as we know all the options and make a final decision.


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