My first week in Laredo

Texas is awesome, in case anyone was wondering. At least, its really nice in February when the temperature is more like a Utah May and June. LOL! There is so much sun, fresh fruit, and blue skies. I am loving my time here.

And, the most exciting news that I have to tell everyone is that for the first time in my life, I have worked out (like seriously sweated and perservered for a whole 45+ min) five consecutive days last week. It has been wonderful! Kressyda is such a big help. We go to the gym every morning Monday through Friday. The gym is pretty cool. It is a women’s only gym and has a day care for Kress and other moms to drop their kids off. I got a month’s membership for while I am here. I am really hoping to keep up the habit after I leave.

Xan’s sister Kressyda lives in Laredo, Texas with her husband Cameron, and her two kids, Eliot and Olive. His parents were out visiting them at the time and I met up with the whole group in San Antonio. While we were in San Antonio, we went to see the Alamo and the River Walk.

First set of pictures is of the Alamo. Here is Eliot playing

This is me, Kressyda, Olive, Cameron, and Eliot.

Here is Kressyda and her mom.

This monument was built in front of the Alamo to honor all of those who died defending it.

Here are a ton of pictures I took while we road around the river walk. It is really beautiful and has a lot of things to do down there. If anyone is looking for a cool place to go, check San Antonio out!

Here is Eliot riding on the carousel.

Xan hasn’t heard back from any other schools yet. We are still waiting on BYU, Texas A&M, Cornell, and Hawaii. He has some great news, though. He’s been able to find people in Iceland to play football and soccer with. He’s really enjoying that. I get to see him in 1 month!!!


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