Wrapping up the first 1/4 of my vacation

I’m heading off to Texas just this Friday. I can’t wait! In the meantime, I’ve been wrapping things up here. Don’t worry! If I’ve promised to see you and I haven’t yet… I’ll have a couple weeks at the end of March to come and visit. 🙂

My mom is having me fix some of her bracelets. I’ve only finished one so far. The bracelet below used to just be black beads but was just a bead or two short when she wore it. After a trip to Roberts to find some extra beads, I redid the bracelet replacing beads and adding beads. This picture is obviously the final project.

Then, while I was in the swing of jewelry making and had all my stuff out, I made my niece Kaitlyn this animal bracelet. She looked so cute wearing it today.

I finished reading Journey to the Center of the Earth and was impressed by it. I really enjoyed reading it and recommend it to anyone looking for something new to read. My next reading project is Xan’s thesis from BYU. It is titled, “Nautical Terminology in Old Norse and Old English Poetry.” Maybe the three and a half years of listening to him talk about all this stuff is finally sinking in, or maybe it is not as complicated as it sounds. Whatever the reason, I’ve been able to understand it and really enjoyed it so far. I’m only on page 13 out of 80, or numbers around that approximate, but I like it so far. There are a lot of unknown words for me! Great preparation for the GRE! I’ve learned juxtaposition, coeval, and hagiography so far. I’m sure many of you reading this know these words… well, maybe not hagiography, that one is more specialized… but I am finding I really would benefit expanding my meager vocabulary. 🙂


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