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News of the day: Xan heard back from Harvard for the Celtic Literature and Language program and was not accepted. I admit that this one makes me sad. Imagine having to go to Ireland for a summer or longer for research… it was a beautiful daydream! But, there is a bright side of the tunnel. So far, he has been accepted into the Scandinavian programs and the countries he would end up traveling to for research are very close to Ireland. 🙂 So, this news leaves us waiting on Hawaii (physics), BYU (physics), Texas A&M (Nautical Archeology), and Cornell (Scandinavian). Which, ironically, include 3 of his favorites.

The other news with Xan is that he has decided not to apply for Sydney, which used to be in his top 4 choices. Australia runs on a different school year. Fall semester starts in March and Winter semester starts in July. The application to apply for Winter semester isn’t even due until April. He would have had to give the US schools a definite reply of whether he would be attending before he heard back from Sydney. So, he has done his scientific logic and decided to not even bother. And, I think the big hassle we both experienced with moving to Iceland has made him not want to move countries in the very near future. 😉

Last Wednesday, I babysat Crystal’s 2 kids. She is the sister just above me. Crystal and Allen went to the BYU basketball game and BYU almost doubled their opponent’s score. Great game, apparently. This first picture is Kaitlyn. She is the oldest and is around 2 1/2, maybe? She is sporting off her play tutu and a pair of Strawberry Shortcake slippers.

My sister also runs a business with two other women in the neighborhood. They make bows, hats, and headbands. Kaitlyn and Halle (the youngest) are very used to modeling them off. This is Kaitlyn wearing one of their new beanie hats with a bow attached. You can check out all their stuff at Angela’s Acessories. They have some really cute stuff!

Here is Halle showing off one of the headbands with my sister, Crystal. Halle has one of the sweetest temperaments which is a contrast to her drama queen, champion screamer, sister. 😉 Although, I think looking at the pictures, one might think the opposite.

They were so much fun to tend. We watched Curious George and ate dinner. Kaitlyn rehearsed her two favorite words “yeah” and “what”. Halle just wandered from toy to toy keeping herself occupied. I really enjoyed spending time with them.

On Friday, I helped Kim, my eldest sister with the 7th kid on his way, clean house to surprise Denny for Valentine’s Day. Mostly, I folded laundry. All the kids were coming home from school with all their Valentine’s treats and I was very impressed with the amount of sharing that was happening. Christine (2nd grade) and Arianna (eldest and 6th grade) helped me to sort the laundry. Timmy (4th grade) showed me his anti-gravity car that can ride on the walls and the ceilings. I think it has some type of vacuum in it that helps it to stay put. Poor Gracie (Kindergarten) misplaced her bag of candy somewhere in the house. I hope she’s found it! Sammy (3 years old) showed me his made up game with some Thomas the Engine Valentine cards from the box. I think it was a matching game but the rules changed too often to really tell. 🙂 And Derrik, I think I spelled that wrong, who is around 1 1/2, is still a mama’s boy and did his best to stay away from me. 🙂 I think that is the tradition of the boy’s in the family. Timmy and Sammy were like that until they were a bit over 2 years old. So, I usually just leave them alone until they start branching out to other people. Cute kid, though.


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