Getting Back on Track

I have been such a slow blogger lately. My return back to Utah and change in schedule has thrown off my blogger groove and I need to get it back. I miss staying caught up with my friend’s and family’s blog. I miss coming up with new things to write about. I miss reading people’s comments that they leave on my post.

Quick update. I’ve been able to see a lot of my friends and for the most part, it has been really nice and relaxing. I miss Xan. My ADHD usually helps me in this area because I am easily distracted and I almost feel like I am in a dream. Just kind of floating around, seeing old friends, catching up on things, and just going from one day to the next. There are a few occasions where my ADHD makes me dwell and hyper-focus on the fact that he’s not with me… but I just try to distract myself again. 🙂 The internet makes things a lot easier. There’s Facebook chat and Skype for phone calls. While I miss him and can’t wait to get back to Iceland and be with him again, I must admit that I am still really enjoying my time here.

Xan is still hearing back from graduate schools. He’s heard back from 4 so far. Here’s a chart of the progress. Yes: UCLA, Berkeley, and Bloomington (Indiana). No: Yale N/A: Harvard, Hawaii, BYU, Texas A&M, and Cornell. He has decided not to apply to Sydney since they are on a different school year system and he would have to give the US schools an answer before he would find out whether he was accepted into Sydney. The application isn’t even due until Spring. Berkeley has e-mailed him and asked him if he would like them to fly him out to visit the campus. I know, right? From Iceland! That visit will take place sometime in March. I hope closer schools do the same thing. Like BYU flying him out here to Provo (preferably near the end of March when I’m back in South Jordan) or Texas A&M (preferably while I am in Texas with his sister). The chances are slim, but hey! It’s still fun to think about the possibility of being able to see him a bit sooner.

The only other news that I can think about at the moment is that I will be leaving for Texas this Friday. I’m really excited to see Xan’s sister and her family. His parents are there visiting right now and I think we have a couple of day’s overlap so I should be able to visit with them, too. I am also excited to wear shorts and flip flops. I came home to rediscover all of my cute shoes, mostly for summer use, but there were a few for the winter. It is so much fun to have variety again! I only had 2 functional pair in Iceland. One pair of black and one pair of brown sneakers. 🙂 I think I am developing a fettish for shoes. Hopefully, I will be able to contain myself and be happy with the few various pairs I have now and not go overboard. Although, someday, I would love to have a closet of awesome shoes. But, until Xan and I start having an income and no longer live off of a loan, I must contain myself.

I have pictures from this last week that I will try to get uploaded and posted soon. Until then, I will be going through my list of blogs and catching up on everyone’s news. This might take a while…


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