My first week of Vacation

As my last post informed, I had a cold for the first half of the week. The good news is that my foggy head cleared on Thursday and I was able to go run all the errands that I’ve had to do.

On Friday, I drove down to Provo and went out with Heather, in the picture below, Brandon, and Joe. There was sushi and some great tv entertainment. It was a lot of fun to be out with my friends again that I haven’t seen for a while.

Saturday afternoon, I went out with a different group of friends to Burger Supreme (awesome place!) and then they introduced me to the coolness of Sub Zero. Here is Alysa. My favorite roommate!

The kind assistant allowed me to take pictures of her making the ice cream. They put in the cream and flavors…

And then they pour nitrogen whatever onto it. (xan isn’t here to ask.) LOL

It looks like a futuristic movie scene.

She mixes it all together one last time and then you get ice cream!

We enjoyed sticking our hands into the vapor. It was cold!

This is Shay with the finished product.

Feeding it to her husband, Kory.

And here is Kember and I. I haven’t seen her for ages! After Sub Zero, I went to find my friend’s new salon space in Lindon. She dyed my hair and gave me bangs! Love ’em! There’s a better picture at the end of the blog.

After my haircut, I headed of to Hugh and Kristi’s place for their annual Groundhog’s Day party. We watched the movie, at goodies and caught up. From left to right, Anthony, his wife Angie, Jessica, her husband Arthur, and Ben.

Here are the hosts, Hugh and Kristi Spackman.

And as mentioned before, a better picture of my haircut. I still have to train my bangs to do what I want them to do but I hope to get the hang of it soon. 🙂

Next week is full of even more adventures!


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