The South Sea Tour

I was much better prepared today for the cold having yesterday’s experience. Today was much more comfortable and warmer. Sylvia’s son, Hilmar, had a pair of heavy rubber rain boots that fit me alright that I was able to borrow. LIFE SAVER!

Today, we went on the South Sea Tour. It was awesome! Once again, I took a whole bunch of pictures. Don’t worry… I won’t post all of them… just most of them. 🙂 I also have a tour brochure next to me so that I can tell you what all the names of the important stuff are. Gummi has a cold and wasn’t able to be our guide. Instead, we had Sóla. She was really nice and very good.

Our first stop was a short stop to look at a glacier. Of course, all you can see is the snow covering it… This is the only stop that I don’t know the sites name. Mostly because it was a spontaneous, let’s look at this, stop. The farm that you can see in the picture is actually the largest dairy farm in Iceland.

“What is that thing in my eyes? The sun? Is that what it looks like? I’d almost forgotten!” LOL

The next stop was of a waterfall. It is called Skógafoss. I apparently took a picture of the mountain next to it before the waterfall since all these are in order.

Here is the actual waterfall.

Here is Xan standing on some frozen ice. I never get the guts to do it. 😦

These next two shots were taken in the city, Vík. We stopped there for some lunch since it is one of the few places out anywhere.

We went to the Black Sand Beaches next. Obviously, they are named after the black sand uniquely found there. It was really weird to have snow right off the beach.

I particularly like this shot because it has the ocean, the black sand, and the snow. 🙂

All the sand and rocks were black. It was kind of eery…

I was the only one who got to play in the water. Aren’t rubber boots fantastic?

These boots rock!

We also got to go onto a glacier, Sólheimajökull. The ride there was better than Indiana Jones at Disneyland. Yeah, that awesome! It was snowy, bumpy, icy, and some pretty steep hills that our bus had to prevail through. My favorite part of the ride was when we got stuck in the middle of a particularly tricky hill. We finally made it up to the top and there was a sudden 40 meter drop of a cliff right in front of us. All 16 passengers, minus Xan, screamed in terror. Don’t worry. Our guide knows these roads inside and out and knew it was coming. We were expertly steered along the edge until the road moved to a safer distance away. Good times! Here is my attempted shot of the edge from inside the car. The bottom edge of the river (as it appears), is actually the edge of the cliff.

Here is the glacier… covered in snow.

I touched the glacier. 🙂

This is another waterfall we stopped at. It is called Seljlandsfoss.

There is a trail that goes behind the waterfall. Xan has a picture of him from two years ago when it was summer and there was no ice… but he was determined to make it behind the waterfall again, ice and all. I was standing by watching anxiously trying not to envision his eminent death. LOL

If you look really closely, you should be able to see a faint picture of the moon in the sky. Unfortunately, all the mist from the waterfall made my camera lens a little too misty to get a clear shot. But, it was really pretty.

This was a shot of the nice sunrise on the way back home. I am not used to seeing this much sun! Normally it is too cloudy to see it even when it is up. 🙂

Man… fantastic tours, but I am wasted right now. I’m really glad we got to do these tours, though. Now, I know what to recommend to all of our visitors in the spring. 🙂


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