Rough Itinerary for my 2 month vacation

My vacation, as I like to call it now, is coming up quickly. Xan and I found a good flight deal and I leave on Monday, February 2. I’ll have a 9 hour layover in Minneapolis but that is still better than the more expensive flights that would give me a 12 hour layover. I’ll arrive in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, February 3. I’ll divide up the first two weeks between my parent’s house in South Jordan and my friends down in Provo. Around the 19th of February, I’m going to fly to Laredo, Texas and visit my new sister-in-law, Kressyda, and her family. The weather will be nice and hot! Then, sometime in the beginning of March, we’ll go to Sea World in San Antonio and then I’ll be dropped off at my friend, Tiffany’s house. She is one of my old roommates and my white-Chinese-study pal. Yep, we are a minority. Young, white, American, Chinese-speaking women. 🙂 I’ll be back to South Jordan around the 21st of March to spend more time with family and friends in the area. My flight back to Iceland will be around April 1. I think I got really lucky with all the fun things I get to do while I’m away.

I think I am actually going to enjoy my two months in the States. Xan and I still don’t know where we will be going in the Fall for graduate school so I think this is a perfect chance to see everyone one more time just in case we go somewhere far away like Sydney, Australia, or Ithaca, New York or Manao, Hawaii.

I’m really going to try and see everyone who wants to see me at least once. Please contact me if you want to do something!


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