Yesterday: A Day for Iceland’s History Books

So, the Icelandic government has collapsed. You can read about it here.

Life for us continues as normal. I didn’t know what was happening until people started facebooking me back from the states about it. I did notice the grocery stores were not nearly as crowded as they usually are, but I figured I just got lucky. You see, Xan was at school all day and I don’t understand the news since it is all in Icelandic. 🙂 I did watch clips of the news and wondered what was being said. It looked like something exciting was happening.

We did throw a party last night. I invited people on Sunday at church and we had about 5-7 people come minus ourselves. It was Sylvia and two kids, as well as Binni, Unni, and Malianna. Xan and I made two Spanish dishes. I made a lentil and beef soup (no good sausage that I could find), and Xan made a Tortilla. It is like a giant omelet with potatoes and onions inside. It was delicious! And then we watched “Tim and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” which was highly entertaining. 🙂 It was a good night.


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