Alan and Alita’s Birthday Bash

Tonight, we celebrated Alan and Alita’s birthdays. They are both Xan’s classmates in the program and have very close birthdays. Alan is from Canada and Alita is from Alaska. We’ll get to the party pictures in a second.

First, we have a picture of poor Stjarna. If you remember, she is our landlady’s dog, and is terrified by the sound of fireworks. She came up to our apartment one morning when Sylvia and her kids were out to work or school and just hid under our bed or our chair. It was really cute.

This other picture is a picture I took as we were bar hopping downtown. The usual places that Xan’s classmates go where the beer is cheap were all too crowded so we kept trying different places until we finally made it to the “old man” bar, as it was nicknamed. It was a fun night. Poor Xan… he asked for a Sprite and they gave him a Sprite Zero. I don’t care what anybody says, it tastes nothing like real Sprite. It’s so gross. I lucked out and ordered Fanta. I don’t even think they produce any type of diet Fanta… Anyway, Christmas time was a much prettier view of downtown because they had all the Christmas lights but… I never took one of those.

Now on to the birthday bash. This is Eevestiina. She is from Finland and has been playing the bagpipes for a few years. She found one here for a good price… I guess a really good one or something… and she played us some tunes.

Again, I have no idea how to rotate a video and keep forgetting to not record something sideways. Sorry! But, she played all sorts of things including Star Wars Theme and Happy Birthday.

These gorgeous girls are from left to right, Andrea and Claire from Canada, and Alice from the UK. Love them! They are hilarious and so sweet.

Here is Xan and I. Kressyda, Xan’s shirt is awesome! It always gets commented about wherever he goes. Excellent gift…

Here is Xan, Simon (Paddy), and … I’m sorry… I don’t remember her name.

Here’s the Birthday boy!

And the Birthday girl!

And what is a party without games, right? This is a game where you hand out face cards to people and pretend you all work in the same office. The lower the number on the card is, the lower you are on the ladder of command and vice versa. They weren’t allowed to look at their cards but had to display them on their forhead as they walked around and treated people according to their number. For example, who ever had the Ace always had people sucking up to them. And the poor guy who got the two was treated like garbage and had to pick up everyone’s dry cleaning, so to speak. It was great fun to watch.

And then, the old married couple that we are, left the party around midnight as they were all getting ready to leave for downtown for even more fun. 🙂


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