It’s strange. Just this last Monday when I first found out that I wasn’t going to be able to stay here in Iceland, I couldn’t stop myself from moping and getting teary eyed. But just yesterday afternoon I started to feel almost happy about everything. It is like God is giving me peace and is helping me to come up with all sorts of things to do to keep me busy. I am not happy about leaving my husband… but I have to admit that I feel good about going home.

I am planning on staying here in Iceland until the end of January. There is a young adult swimming party on the 29th that my new friends and I have been getting excited about that I would really like to attend so I might leave the Saturday or Sunday after that. That still gives me plenty of time in Iceland to master a little more Iclandic, do some more sight-seeing, and figure out what to bring home.

Last Relief Society, we learned about Elder L. Tom Perry’s last conference talk on “Let Him Do It with Simplicity.” The Joseph Smith manual is not finished being translated into Icelandic and so they pick from the recent conference talks. But, while we were reading through it, I started to realize how simple my life has become. I remember last winter. I had 12 credits, was working 30 average hours per week, a second job that had me working another 6 per week, and never got enough sleep. I was always low on money because I kept wanting to buy a new shirt, new shoes, new jewelry, ect. I mean… what girl doesn’t like to shop! But looking at life now, I don’t need or use so much of the stuff that I brought. I really like having this simple apartment with few furniture items and only the basics. It definitely makes cleaning easier, but it also doesn’t get very cluttered.

Well, Xan and I are off to the culture museum today. It’s snowing outside and I need to put my hair up before we leave. Hope everyone has a great day!


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