Here we go again!

Okay, folks. I’ve got some not too good news. Xan and I are running out of options to try to find a way for me to stay. I think the only one that is left is if there are any openings at the university for me to become a full time student. We attempted this route before Christmas but it was completely full. Xan is going to try one more time today and see if anybody has dropped out. Most likely,though, I will be heading back to the states. I’m planning on leaving in a week or two and then coming back at the beginning of April. So, if we did our math correctly, I only have to be gone for 2 months instead of 3! That is a bit of good news in here. 🙂

Life is really interesting. But, if you give it some time then things start to make sense. One thing we are sure of right now is that Xan is supposed to be in Iceland. There are too many coincidences for it all as a whole to be a coincidence (I hope that made sense). Within 2 weeks of us getting here he is called to the Branch Presidency. The missionaries lately have been finding many Spanish-speaking investigators and Xan is the only one who speaks Spanish in the branch and is constantly on translation duty. Xan was actually able to pass his two classes getting an A in his archeology class and a B+ in his texts class after coming so late that he was only able to attend a week of classes before taking the finals. I mean… the Lord has really put His hand in Xan’s life here. We even think that coming late was to make sure that Xan would stay. If we had known back in September that I wouldn’t have been able to stay, Xan wouldn’t have come. But, by coming late, it shortens the time that I have to be away and we didnt’ know that I couldn’t stay until he already had all these commitments and obligations here.

The missing puzzle piece right now in this equation is why I am not supposed to be in Iceland. There are too many forces working against it for it to be anything else. It really makes me wonder where I am supposed to be so badly that it is worth the Lord’s decision to split us apart. Kind of like the talk good, better, best from a few conferences back… it is better for Xan and I to be together but it is best if I *yet to be figured out*. Whatever the blank in that sentence is, God provides for those who follow Him. We just have to be patient.


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