Our apartment is complete!

Xan and I are pleased to announce that we are the proud owners of a kitchen table. Yes, we finally made it out to the Good Shepard (like a DI) with Sóley, who was kind enough to meet us there and drive us back home with our conquest. We also bought a small tv stand with shelves that is great since we both have lots of books. Xan usually notes here whenever I mention lots of books that he has infinite more books than I… in case you were wondering. 🙂

Last night, I had a Bollywood party and invited some of the women here to watch Bollywood with me. Malianna, Sofia, Sylvia, and Rebekka all came and we watched my favorite, Dil Chahta Hai. It was a lot of fun and I really hope to do it again. Malianna brought some Indian bread with curry beef and I provided some couscous. Delicious!

I’m still working on learning Icelandic. I’m starting to grasp the declensions and conjugations a bit better that I have started to put together my own sentences. They are usually wrong and need correcting but its a start. Right now, I am working on describing families. You know, how many people are in your family?… kind of a thing.

Tonight, we are going swimming with the young adults. I am a bit reluctant since it is really cold today but I know once I get in the water, I will be fine. You see… you go to the women’s dressing rooms, strip down (really awkward at first because there are no stalls for privacy. You see all.), shower and wash all over including your hair, then put your bathing suit on, go outside, and then get into the pool or hot tubs. It can be a very long walk from the doors to the hot tubs. In reality, it is only 20 secs or so… but it can feel like 5! LOL

And last of all, Betty will talk to her immigration attorney (she is Ugandi but got Icelandic citizenship and also is helping her husband who is American get all his paper work in correctly so she is chummy with the attorney) on Monday and hopefully she will be able to find out if I can stay or not. She can be very persistent so I have complete faith in her ability to find a way even if only a small gap is open. Worst case scenario… nothing will work and I will go back to Utah until mid-April. I’ll post again when I hear back from Betty.


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