I’ve only had couscous before tonight once… and I didn’t like it. It was all psychological and the ‘texture’ that was the problem. I think I simply wasn’t prepared. But, tonight, I took a chance and made a couscous dish for dinner. It was absolutely delicious! There are thousands of variations and ways to serve it and I am really excited to keep trying new ways. I have the recipe posted on my blog that I used, If anyone has some other ideas, let me know! The produce is rather limited here so I am always trying to find new things to cook. meat with a side of steamed frozen vegetables and a side of starch (either rice or potatoes)… gets old pretty quickly. 🙂

PS. The fireworks are at it again. Today is the last day of Christmas here and also the last day for legal fireworks. Of course, fireworks will still be going of until April for the same reasons as Utahns like to light their smuggled Wyoming fireworks. Its just lots of fun. I don’t expect that there will be anywhere near the amount of fireworks as their were on New Year’s Eve, but I do imagine that they’ll be popping sounds though out the whole night. 🙂 Gleðileg Jól!


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