Our Favorite Romance Movies

Xan and I had a great discussion tonight. It started out after watching an episode of The Bachelor. I have never really watched it before but a comment that Brad made (season 11) after he refused both girls really made me think the show was even more ridiculous than before. Paraphrasing, “I believe that love is a strong, overwhelming, fairy tale-type of feeling that I just didn’t feel.” I ranted about how Hollywood has such a false view of love and how if he is looking for that fairy tale romance where everything is perfect, he is going to be single for a very long time. 🙂 Eventually, we began to talk about our favorite romantic movies and made a list. This is a list of movies we feel have the best content and are not just over the top and full of the common clichĂ©s.

The Cutting Edge
We admit, this movie has its own set of clichés and is predictable. But, the selling point is that the acting and execution of the film bring the movie past these points and really make it a fantastic film.

50 First Dates
This movie wins our vote by the unexpected turn at the end where you realize the huge committment he is willing to make. Every day, he has to start all over again. Xan’s words are, “Oh crap! It is a serious commitment.” 🙂

Fools Rush In
We can’t say that this is the best movie ever but it still makes our list. It really pushes the realities and the beyond marriage scenarios that is everyday life as well as being hilarious!

The Holiday
This is a movie that I can watch again and again and again… and then still want to watch it again. It is predictable, yes… but the acting is just fantastic. The character development is very thorough and I think in as a whole, this movie was brilliantly done.

Notting Hill
This movie wins by being a ‘not every day’ scenario but pulling off the big catastrophe every romance film has to have so convincingly. I mean, they don’t break up because of a stupid suspicion or whatever. It’s unrealisitcally real and just breaks the typical genre.

One Fine Day
One of my favorites for years! This movie says it all. The script is so clever and everything happens in just one day… its funny, romantic, clever, and has just the right amount of clichĂ© without making it one.

This is a great story. The acting is phenomenal. The guy starts off as everything we women detest and in the end, comes out as the winning guy. Jason Isaacs is really able to pull off ‘changing’ so well!

Return to Me
I think this one has to be one of the top of this list. It takes just 5 minutes of the opening movie to absolutely believe how in love Bob is with his wife. 5 min! There is hardly a hint of a sexual scene to be named and yet… it is love. Unlike the movie, Ghost, which is convinced that if there is love, there has to be sex because love is sex. This movie focuses on real love and can have you crying in just the first five minutes because you believe in their love and then she is gone!

Say Anthing
Say Anything had to be watched twice before I saw its value. Xan, of course, noticed it right off. Not only does it have the switch where the guy is the constant lover in the relationship while the woman goes off in her doubts, it has some awesome lines like, “I have my pride. I’m a guy!” “Don’t be a guy. The world is full of guys. Be a man!”

This movie is simply cute. For me, it is so basic in its story line and doesn’t go off onto any exaggerated tangent that I just find it refreshing. Xan describes the movie as complex and interesting. You’ll just have to watch it and find your own reasons.

Another movie that is one of the top in this list. The move touches so many different topics and scenarios. My favorite fact of the movie is that John doesn’t sleep with Flor even though he has fallen in love with her and just found out that his own wife cheated on him. And the line about how American women are afraid of curves and anything that might make them seem weak or inferior to men… or whatever it is the daughter is writing in her essay… just explains my own feelings so well.

I have this one listed with the latest version of the movie, but Audri Hebburn’s film from 1954 is tied with this one. The story is simply a classic.

Truly Madly Deeply
I admit, I haven’t seen this one yet but I will very soon. I found it online to watch. I am sure I am going to like it and will buy it when I find a copy… but so far… no store has one yet. Xan’s dad (Keith) raves about this movie. And, Alan Rickman is by far my favorite actor… so… this movie makes the list by Keith’s judgment. He says it is PS I Love You, only better and with more content.

These next four movies definitely make the list but they are more than just a romance movie. They mix in with historical, action, drama… ect.

About A Boy
This movie is great. I’m honestly not sure how to describe this movie other than its excellent ability to play with so many different relationships (mother to son, bachelor to women, sibling to sibling) and everyone discovering themselves and their own worth, ect. It’s simply a movie that makes you feel thoughtful and happy when its done.

Dangerous Beauty
I would categorize this movie as a historical piece as well as an action and a romance. It follows one woman forced into prostitution. There is one scene where she is confronted by the wives demanding her to explain why their husbands seek her so much. She simply explains that while she has the sexual lure that they lack (a sin for any respectable woman to show sexual desire), she also has an education which makes her mind attractive as well. The ending is incredibly powerful!

Grosse Pointe Blank
This movie is so much more than just a romance… but what that is… I have no category to give. It is so funny, sarcastic, and unpredictable (at least for me). Xan loves quoting this movie, too. If you haven’t seen it. GO SEE IT!

Love Actually
Another movie like the Holiday that I could watch over and over again and never be sick of it. It tells so many interlacing stories of different love relationships and stages of love and is superb. I really don’t know how else to describe it because the plot line is super complex just by the number of people… but very easily understood.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
And, last but not least, on our list is the fabulous hitman marriage. The idea is so obvious but so clever! The acting was really good. Chemistry between the two was great the entire movie. They really were a good match and played well off each other’s character.

And so you have it. These are the movies we consider to be good. Many other movies might be entertaining such as, Hope Floats, My Best Friend’s Wedding, While You Were Sleeping, Fever Pitch… but they just don’t come up to the same level of quality.


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