A very long walk…

I am so sore I really don’t want to move. Xan and I had bought plane tickets to London for this upcoming Monday in order to be able to get into Iceland. Iceland required us to have a ticket out of the country in order for us to get into the country. Well, we were planning on changing it or moving the date or something once we figured out if I could stay or not but forgot about the whole all businesses shut down from the 24th to the 26th and the 27th would be the weekend and the flight leaves on Monday. Oops! So, we took our chances that the ticket office MIGHT be opened today and walked the 35 min. to the Reykjavík airport. Yep, it was closed. We will be able to call on Monday and see if anything can be done then. Fortunately, we were so close to Perlan (a huge tourist attraction) we decided to not make the long trek a waste. I had my camera so here are lots more pictures. The pictures were taken mostly between 1-4 pm.

This first shot is the University Xan attends.

Here is Perlan on top of the hill. It used to hold all the cities water but they only use a couple of the big tanks now. It was a trek up and I am now very aware of how out of shape I am.

One thing I am still getting used to is how green it is here in the middle of December! It looks like Utah in late July to early September. If you look closely in this picture, you will see all the moss on the rocks.

This building was so big! It is lit up at night in green and red. If you look closely at the tanks, you’ll be able to see the faint lights shining.

There was an awesome view on the deck. This is looking North. Maybe a little Northeast.

This one is more North.

Here is a shot of Northwest. That really tall building is the famous church they have here and I’m so mad that it has scaffolding right now because it would make the picture look fantastic!

This picture is west. The main road you see is Hringbraut. We live down that road right off the coast. (about 2 min walk inland from the coast)

Here is a picture of the South. I love this picture because it is hard to see the line between the ocean and the sky. It is all just a blue blur.

I took this shot to give a better idea of where things are in relation to others. The left of the picture has Hringbraut and you can also see the cool church building with the scaffolding. In between these two landmarks is downtown Reykjavík. You’ve seen most of the country’s capital just by viewing these photos. It is so small and cozy!

This picture is back to the Northeast side. The second largest mall, Kringlan, is just right of the tallest building on the right.

I was very brave today and wore my hair partly down. It wasn’t incredibly windy but I still needed to use my detangle spray (Sauve kid’s hair detangler) when I got home. It was worth it.

Here is a picture of Xan.

Inside Perlan, there was some kind of Christmas party going on. There were lots of people everywhere! Here is a picture of their Santa Claus’s singing along to the band behind them. They were singing all the children’s Christmas songs. These Santa Claus’s have more of a troll appearance than ours.

I took a video of the audience participating.

They had a geyser outside to see. They made the hole so it is technically a man-made geyser but the hot water was already in place. It just needed the hole.

These pictures do not do the greenery justice. This picture was taken on our walk back home.

Here are some buildings left by the British Army before the 1950’s when the US army came.

Here is a random truck. We have no idea why it is there.

The planes get really low with the airport so close. It is fun to watch.

Well, that was our walk. We stopped off at the National Museum of History where I bought an expensive but worth it book on Nordic God Mythology and Legend with beautiful illustrations. Then, we bought half a loaf of bread from the bakery. Now, we are making our pie. Finally!


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