Christmas Day

Xan and I celebrated Christmas the relaxed way. We slept in until around noon and opened our one present from my Grandma Beck that she gave us right before we left (thanks, Grandma! Love you!). I’ve been cleaning the apartment up a bit and Xan was fixing our internet connection. All in all, its been a nice and relaxing day. We are going to watch, “Three Wishes for Cinderella” which is a Czech movie. It is a Christmas movie more by tradition than an actual Christmas themed movie (kind of like, “It’s a Wonderful Life”). We were going to make a pie but we have eaten so many carbs and lots of protein that we really don’t feel like eating anything sweet or with more carbs. 🙂 We’ll save it for tomorrow when we can enjoy it.

Xan and I got Icelandic sweaters so here are some Christmas pictures of us by our Christmas tree in our traditional Icelandic attire. And no, Xan doesn’t smile in these type of pictures.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and are ready for New Year’s!


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