Unpacked for the first time in 4 months!

The time has come, folks! Xan and I have moved up to the attic and although there are still many loose ends to tie up before we can say we are ‘done’, we can finally unpack for the first time since we have been married… 4 months!!!

Here are some pictures. The first is of the staircase… which I love!

Once you get to the top of the stairs, there is an open hallway which you can see all the doors from. It’s kind of like the hub. This next picture is if you look to your left. You can see our bedroom, then there is the bathroom in the middle, and the kitchen at the very left edge of the photo.

This one is if you look straight ahead. The door straight ahead is to the balcony. Then there are two doors on the right side. The closest to us is the family room/dining room. The next room is our clothes and laundry room.

Off of the left, the first door is the kitchen. Here is the cabinet side with all of the appliances.

And here is the other side with the counter and shelf. There is about a two and a half foot space between the two. It is small but has a bunch more counter space and cabinets compared to downstairs so I am extremely happy with it. Makes cooking so much more convienent.

Then there is the bathroom.

I really love our shower shower curtain. I picked it out, of course.

You already got a glimpse of the bedroom but here is a better shot. For the first time since Xan and I arrived, we were able to sleep not only in the same bed, but in the same room! Well, not for very long. We still don’t have a mattress and we are just using the camping pads that Xan was sleeping on earlier but it didn’t work well. Xan ended up on the couch for most of the night and I have a pretty sore back since I stayed. 🙂 It is just one of those loose ends to be fixed. But, the bedspread and the curtains make the room look fantastic.

The balcony is cool… good for shaking out rugs and stuff… but I probably won’t get to enjoy it properly until Spring. 🙂

The next room is the clothes/laundry room. Our bedroom is too small to keep the wardrobe in so it is in this room. The washer is downstairs that we use but there is no dryer so we use this room to hang up all of our clothes. At least, we will once we get one of those clothe’s rack things.

The last room on the tour… and of our apartment… is the family/dining room. We still eat on the floor or the couch since we have yet to get a table

And in the corner that you can’t see in the photo above, but you can see in this next one, we have our Christmas tree! It is decorated with Christmas wrapping ribbon that I tied into small bows, a white ribbon that says “Scandinavian Bathroom” on the other side that came with a set of towels we bought, and a White dove acting as a star that I got at the Outreach Christmas party last week as a white elephant gift. I am finally learning to be resourceful. 🙂

Oh yeah, and that really big tv that people had left is broken. Xan and I carried it all the way up from the basement just to find that it turns itself off after 10 sec. No wonder they left it! Fortunately, there is a smaller tv that people up here in the attic had left that works just fine. Now we can watch Icelandic tv.

I’ll have more pictures to post later of all the Christmas festivities we do. We are going to Betty’s tonight for a Christmas dinner and then we are making a pie tomorrow for Christmas. All the stores are apparently closed today and won’t open again until Saturday. Or so we are told. So, Xan and I are all stocked up on food and are excited to celebrate our first Christmas as a family and our third Christmas together. (Funny thing about that. Xan realized yesterday that we are also celebrating Christmas in a third place. Our first year dating, we were in Thailand visiting his parents. The second year dating, we spent it in Utah with my family, and now we are celebrating in Iceland. Can’t wait to find out where we will be spending Christmas next year!)


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