Christmas Eve

In Iceland, Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Eve. So, here is our Christmas party over at Betty’s. The food was delicious! She had all sorts of potatoe dishes to satisfy my unhealthy addiction to potatoes (as Xan likes to claim I have). There was turkey, lamb, chicken, rice, ice cream, and cheescake. Fantastic! Here is a picture of some of the plates.

Here’s a shot of us getting food. There’s Elder Solberg, Elder Teodoro, Elder Higgins, Angie, Lizzie, Betty, and Joanne

Here’s the youngest girl. This is Betty and Courtney’s child Izabela. She is so adorable. I sneak her gold fish crackers during sunday school sometimes. ­čÖé

All the camera’s had timers so while everyone was figuring out how to get all the cameras to take a good picture, I snapped this shot of those waiting.

In this picture, there is Joanne, me, Xan, Barbara, Ilene, the missionaries and then there is Angie, Lizzy, Betty, Courtney, and Izabela.

Here is a picture of her two oldest. They are from her first marriage. This is Lizzy, the younger on the left, and Angie. She isn’t really this serious. She was just being silly.

Here’s a better shot of them. I’m impressed at Lizzy’s eyes. I can’t get my eyes to be that good.

Betty isn’t due until February but she has gotten really big. We tease her that there is a second one inside hiding.

They are such a generous family and made the evening a lot of fun and delicious. Thanks!

And of course, the double chin shot which I always try to take to get a good picture of us. It rarely works since I don’t look usual and Xan usually looks bored. Someday I will learn but until then…

Tomorrow, on our American Christmas, we are going to make a pie. Not sure that anything else is planned but that will do it for now. ­čÖé

Gle├░ileg J├│l! (Merry Christmas!)


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