Wet shoes, slippery ice, and a slushy Christmas

The weather for the last week or so has been really nice. It’s been snowy and not too windy. The temperature has been cold but when the wind isn’t attacking you in all of its frigid cold glory, its quite pleasant outside. We have about 7-8 inches on the lawns, 2 inches of packed snow on the sidewalks, and some of the lesser driven on streets have about 4-6 inches of pure slush. One thing I have noticed through all of this snow is that they don’t plow the streets or the sidewalks that often. One just travels straight through the snow and packs it down for the others to follow behind. But, it still so beautiful and the snow makes the days seem brighter than it actually is outside.

AND THEN… the weather today and for the next 7 or so days is supposed to be rainy and windy.

Right before Christmas time when snow is the perfect weather for the season, it starts to rain. If you know much about the consequences of rain on inches of snow, you can imagine what the roads and sidewalks are looking like today. Xan and I braved the weather and went out to the University bookstore since they were having a sale. Most of the sidewalks consisted of large deep puddles surrounded by slush that might as well be large puddles with how much water still seeped into my shoes. I discovered that my sneakers are far from water proof and within 4 minutes of walking outside, my socks were getting pretty wet. (Thankfully, my shoes were also acting like dive boots and all the water was heated up by my body heat and my feet didn’t get too cold) It was crazy! We’re pretty sure that if I stay here we will be investing in some good rubber boots for me. The other fun part of the trip was the wind with the slippery ice. The wind was so strong today and there were several occasions that even Xan had to stop in his tracks to regain his balance. My stops were much more frequent and lasted longer. Neither of us fell, thank goodness, but there were some close calls when we came to the icy sections of the side walk. Hopefully, the rain will soon melt away all the slush and make it a bit better but its a bummer that I most likely won’t have a white Christmas. My best bet is that I might get to have a bit of a slushy Christmas if I am blessed with any kind of snow at all.

On a happy sidenote, Xan and I are moving into the attic tomorrow!!! Just in time for Christmas. The curtain rods are up and the beautiful curtains are hanging. 🙂 We could move right now but tomorrow is supposed to be a little warmer, a little less rainy, and a little less windier. So, we are taking our chances for better weather.

On a sad sidenote, nothing is working out so far in finding a way for me to stay. Not only that, it got worse. Olafur (the branch president) talked with one of the lawyers who told him that I have to leave the country for 6 months and not the 3 that everyone has been telling us. Bummer! I was telling this to Betty on Sunday (the awesome African in our branch) and she did not like that. She said she would call up the lawyer she works with soon and see what she can find out. What I am finding is that it all depends on who you know around here. We just have to find who those people are. I’m really hoping that Betty is able to find something out because otherwise, I’ll be back in Utah in the next week or two until March (we’re going to ignore the six month thing since only that one lawyer seemed to know about it anyway so its pretty certain that the airport isn’t going to know, either). We are not hopeless yet… just running out of options. But, fortunately, this is the time that the Lord steps in if I am supposed to stay in Iceland. I guess we will wait to see. 🙂


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