Iceland has 13 Santa Clauses

Quick update: its too late for me to register for classes so that idea is not going to work. We still don’t know if I will be able to stay but we are trying to be optimistic. Xan is turning in his paper today and then he is compeletly finished with the semester. 🙂

Iceland has 13 Santa Clauses. They are all selfish, ugly, kleptomaniac trolls. I heard about this fact and was very intrigued. At a grocery run, I found a small book that looked like it had a cute long poem about them so I bought it. There was an FHE activity Thursday night with all the young adults and I anxiously brought the book with me to have one of them translate it for me. Turned out to be an old poem that while they could understand each stanza, they weren’t quite sure how to translate half the words since they were now obslolete. I’m going to have to bring it to church with me and see if any of the older members (like grandparent age) could translate it for me. It made for a good laugh, though, to watch the whole room struggle through the first stanza before we all just gave up.


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