Quick update! We might have found a way for me to stay. I can’t stay through Xan so I have to find a way to stay independently. How? Sign up for classes at the University and get the same permit that he has. Have to admit, I am ecstatic at the idea of taking classes here. I browsed through my options and if this pans out, I want to take History of Iceland from the Settlement to the Present, Old Nordic Religion and Belief, and Icelandic Vocabulary I.

Here are some pictures I mostly took on the 16th minus the first one.

This picture is actually from Sunday. I am showing off how awesome I look wearing sneakers to church. Can I just say it was so much warmer and comfortable! I still need to get my boots repaired… but if they get ruined after just two Sundays… I’m not wearing them here anymore. 🙂

This is our church building. Xan was called by the missionaries Tuesday morning to see if he could come to the church and help with a Spanish investigator at 2:00 (we have quite a few of them… maybe 4 or 5) but we all got stood up. Xan and I decided to go out for a walk while we waited for his meeting (6:00) and a service activity (6:30).

Here’s a view from the outside of the church of what I normally stare at during sacrament meeting. There are full side windows so it can be beautiful! And, the view even boasts an extinct volcanoe!

We walked for about 20 min. to a town called Hafnarfjörðor. This is where Kristján and his family used to live until they moved last year.

Xan made the comment, “Isn’t this what every girl talks about? Long walks along the beach?” lol!

It was still very beautiful despite the cold. And hey! It was our 4 month anniversary so it was a well inserted spontaneous activity. 🙂

In the town they had a Christmas village. In the middle (with the blue lights) is the main Christmas tree. Behind it, there is a stage, and all around are sheds (which were closed but we assume they probably were little shops or games) and Christmas trees and ornamentations. It was really pretty.

The service project that we had was really fun. People brought all sorts of clothes they no longer used and new toys they had bought. We wrapped them up. There also was a Christmas card making table. Now, the women in my family are fantastic card makers and enjoy it. I attempted to dig into that family talent but I was only semi-successful. I think I’m still going to leave the craftiness to them. Sofia (the girl at the bottom of the picture, also Sylvia’s daughter) was very helpful in teaching me how to write Icelandic Christmas greetings on the cards. Thanks!

(In the picture, Top: hjálmar (Sylvia’s son), Unni, two Spanish investigators, me, Xan. Middle: Sylvia, Rebekka, Gunnar. Bottom: Sofia.

And Binni, here, was kind enough to take the picture. Didn’t want to be left out, so he took one of himself. 🙂


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