An Update

Xan and I were able to find a lot of things today. We bought hangers, a bed spread, a sheet for the bed, curtains, and a bath mat. We still need curtain rods, a kitchen table, and a mattress. Unfortunately, one of the stores we need to go to is closed on Saturdays… which we didn’t know. We are really hoping to get everything settled and moved in early next week. Until then, we make due with what we have in the basement. 🙂

Xan only has two things left to do for the semester. He is making up a midterm on Monday and then has a paper to turn in on Friday. And then, he is all done and caught up with this semester. Next semester, he will be taking an extra class so will probably have a lot more work to do… but still probably less than he had as a student at BYU (he had a habit of taking 18-21 credits each semester… so he always had A LOT to do!)

It is official. I have decided to learn Icelandic and have been going through the tedious process of learning all the noun declensions. It is very long… not my favorite activity… but such is life. Speaking and using Icelandic is fun so hopefully I will stay motivated. I really would like to acheive an intermediate speaking level before I leave.

We still don’t know my situation here in Iceland. Now that Xan has less to worry about with school, this week is going to be focused on finding out if I can stay longer than the three months my passport allows. There are several people in the branch who have offered to help and many of them have a few connections. Both Xan and I are really hoping that we can find some way. I guess we will have to wait and see.


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