Thursday Night’s Outreach

The young adults here get together almost every Thursday and have game night. Fortunately, we were lucky enough to find a ride there and back since the weather was so windy tonight! Here’s a video of the rain on our way here while we were stopped at the mall (Our driver, Kristján, had to pick up his son’s Christmas present):

Here’s some photos of a few of the folks that were there tonight. This one is Robert. He is from Venezuela and just met the missionaries this past Monday on the bus. I believe he plans on coming to church this Sunday, too. His older sister came to Iceland a while back and really liked it so he decided to come here as an exchange student. He’s here for the same amount of time as Xan and I.

This is Binni. He’s really fun and nice. He served in London a couple years back.

Going from the left to the right, this is Gunni, Gunnar, and Sylvia. Unni was at BYU and I met her once or twice before. Gunnar loves cars and driving. He often gives Sylvia, Xan and I rides home. And Sylvia is our landlady so I have mentioned her before. She is so much fun!

And last but not least, here is a video of our drive back home. The wind caught my coat on the way out to the car and I actually screamed because the wind pulled me an extra four or five more feet than I wanted to go. We all had some good laughs about that. 🙂 The movement you’ll see in this video is the wind pushing Gunnar’s car around.

Velkomin til islands!


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