Back to the world of socializing

This morning around ten, Xan and I met up with Alita (Xan’s classmate) and went to one of the community pools. I was a bit unsure of how an outside pool in the middle of Winter… in the middle of Iceland… was going to work. We got there and I was pleasantly surprised. First, we hit the hot tubs to get extra warm. It was very nice! Then, once I was getting a little too warm, I felt brave enough to try the pool. Also, surprisingly warm. Or rather cool warm. They had a steam room there, too. All in all, it was a great morning and I’d like to go there again soon. It started to get light once we left at about eleven. 🙂

Then, Alita and I went Christmas shopping until about three thirty. It was fun but very wet. It rained all afternoon and I am so happy my coat may not have been waterproof on the outside, but kept me dry from the inside. Good news was that it wasn’t all that cold. I mean, it was warm enough to rain and not snow, right? I got Xan and myself official Icelandic sweaters. I really like mine. I’ll get pictures of them soon.

Then, Xan and I went off to some get together/party thing at 5 pm. The director of his program is doing a director swap so the new director (starting Jan. 1) had the whole program… teachers, students, ect, … over to his house for drinks and getting to know everyone. It was pretty awkward at first for Xan and I because neither of us really knew anyone. Can’t say that I wasn’t wishing I could have a drink myself to feel less tense and out of place. But, fortunately, once everyone else had had a drink or two, things naturally became less tense anyway. 🙂 I was able to meet more of Xan’s classmates besides Alita and they all seem really fun. Most of them… all of them but one… are going home for the holidays but I am excited to go out with them again when they get back.

Around 7, a few of us headed off for some food at a favorite resturaunt. Some of them were a little more tipsy than others but that really just made the conversation much more lively. I have to admit, its been a long time since I have really socialized and gotten to know new people my age. It took me a while before I started feeling more like my old self but it did come back. After dinner, we walked over to a nearby pub that shows various sports. Xan and I didn’t stay long but I have a feeling we will be spending many Monday nights there for NFL. 🙂

And that was my long but very satisfying day back into the world of socializing and making friends. Can’t say that I’m not glad to be back home, warm, and dry, though.


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