The Magic of Water Heaters

All of Iceland is heated by geothermal water. This makes heating homes pretty cheap! And also very effective. We have a heater in every room but the problem I am discovering with them is that sometimes they do TOO good of a job. For the same reasons that it takes for them to heat up a room, it takes a long time for them to cool off the room when one turns them down.

The solution: Iceland has a natural air conditioning that is absolutely free. It’s called opening the window. This means, that even if it is a blizzard outside, one can still have fresh air flowing through the apartment. Hot + Cold = Perfect!

Water heaters also help out to defrost food since we don’t have a microwave. I’m defrosting our salmon for dinner tonight.

Today, Xan and I are going downtown to a bookstore. Xan takes a final tomorrow and has been searching frantically to find an Old Norse dictionary. His professor is allowing them to use a dictionary on the test. As soon as he got here, he ordered one from the bookstore but the problem is that it can take 4-6 weeks to get here. His classmates, who have been here all semester, were easily able to get one in time. We’re crossing our fingers that he’ll be able to find something suitable. Then he’s off to his archeology class to give his presentation which is a survey of archeological sites of Germanic ship building through the Viking Age. I’ll take some pictures while we are out… especially since there is all this snow so it is going to be gorgeous!


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