Our Adventures out into the Snow!

As I mentioned in the last post, Xan and I went out in search for a dictionary for his final tomorrow. No luck. He did great with his presentation but we’ll have to wait until tomorrow evening to know how he’s going to do on this final without a sweet Old Norse dictionary… We did by me a book though. “A Traveller’s Guide to Icelandic Folk Tales” It gives the tales to various locations around Iceland, concentrating on areas that tourists can get to and frequently go. So far, it is a good read.

Here are some of the photos I took today. This one is of the cemetery.

And another cemetery shot… when the weather warms up in the spring, I might venture inside and see how old some of the tombstones are. The ones on the outside that i could see were all within the century.

On our way downtown, we passed the pond. It’s frozen and covered in snow. Here’s Xan standing in front of it.

This sculpture features water falling into a little pond but it’s frozen in most places.

Here’s a pretty church next to the pond.

This isn’t quite downtown but its pretty close to it. It’s funny because downtown is pretty flat in terms of building heights. All the sky scrapers are in the suburbs. I like it better this way. Makes the downtown area much more cozy.

I really don’t understand how the birds survive. I mean, just look at that water! It’s literally freezing!

This is Joe, the goose. They are completely used to humans. You can walk right up to them and they’ll just get out of your way. There is no chasing to bite you at all! It was fun to watch them all and to walk among them.

This is me… and the ducks, swans, and pigeons.

Here’s a long range shot of the pond again. You can’t see it very well with the image this small but there is someone walking on the pond out in the middle by the bridge. Earlier last week when the weather was 5 below zero, people were able to ice skate!

And another shot of the buildings and pond.

I took this picture as we crossed the bridge.

It was much warmer today. I went out without a hat or gloves and felt great. Well, until about three o’clock hit and the sun started going down. Then it got cold and it got cold fast! Thankfully, my coat has a hood and the sleeves are super long so I was able to still stay warm.


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