Snow in Reykjavik

Last night I woke up a few times by the sound of strong winds and hail hitting our windows. In the morning, there was a light dust of snow all over the streets and rooftops. It looked really pretty! And it was surprisingly a lot warmer to walk to the bus and then to church than it was last Sunday. 🙂 Although, there was a lot more snow after church was over…

Things I learned today

1. My black boots I brought to wear to church are apparently not Iceland winter wear.

2. Sneakers are a better choice for church wear. Yes, many of the women and even some of the men were simply wearing sneakers with their tights and socks (all the men were in socks. Don’t worry) With the weather, sometimes pebbly terrain, and distance to walk to the bus and then to the church… they are just more practical.

3. Even if the whole room speaks English, church policy stands that meetings will be held in the country’s official language. In this case, Icelandic. When an English speaker would get up and bear their testimony, one of the members of the branch presidency would stand next to them and translate sentence by sentence. I’ve never experienced it before and it was rather entertaining. 🙂

4. Africans are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Betty is in our branch. She is from Uganda and married an Icelander who went to Uganda to work in a fish factory… or something like that. They moved to Iceland after they married, but the man didn’t turn out to be so good to her. She is now married to an American that was stationed on the base here (that was shut down just a year or two ago) and they are both living here still. She is just an amazing woman. Hugs for everyone (except the missionaries and married men). And, she has invited us and the missionaries over for a Christmas feast on Christmas Eve. I’m so excited!

5. Playing the piano in public still terrifies me! Sylvia is the ward pianist but she was late coming to church. One of the missionaries asked if I played. I muttered something about being able to play a whole selection of about 3 hymns. The next thing I knew, I was getting ready to play “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” for the opening Sacrament hymn. That hymn is not on the list of songs I know how to play. I only had time to muddle through it once before the meeting started. I was shaking all over and praying so hard that Sylvia would show up. And yes, about 2 minutes before we sang the song, I was saved by Sylvia’s arrival. 🙂

6. Carrots come in more colors than just orange. Yep! They can be white, yellow, and even purple. Maybe this isn’t news for the rest of you… but I had no idea.


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