Recent Dreams

Lately, I have been having different dreams than I usually do. Mostly, my dreams are story lines that follow an action themed movie… like either being the hero, or watching the hero. It also usually mimics which ever drama series I’ve been watching recently, like Alias (those were some great dreams), or Charmed, or Buffy, or 24. But, this past week has taken on a new twist and seems to be driving me down memory lane. Most of them are a whole combination of all sorts of memories without a solid theme or reason… but there have been two in particular that had me very nastolgic.

The dream I just woke up from was from my bell choir days. I haven’t done anything with bell choir for so long that sometimes I forget its existence. But, those were some really fun days and I hope to find a bell choir to join again someday. This video is just a random video I found off of Youtube but I think the atmosphere is about the same as it was back in our high school choir… although, I think they sound much better!

The other memory my dreams keep taking me back to is my internship in China. I have this one a lot. I am always returning to the river boat I worked on many years later… so I have changed in the dream… but everyone on the boat is exactly the same. The staff hasn’t changed at all. (I have more pictures at from the internship… oh the memories)…


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