My first real self-prepared dinner

With the addition of borrowed pots and pans and such, I was able to make an actual dinner beyond boiled frozen vegetables and foiled fish. Let me tell you… it felt so good to be cooking again. I am so grateful for my ability to cook as well as my love of cooking. 🙂

Xan and I went to the grocery store and bought some more essentials for the cupboard. I also picked up a pair of legs of lamb. I was going to save one until Sunday and then eat the other sometime next week, but I just couldn’t wait. I justified that I needed to practice how to make it since I’ve never made it by myself before. It was delicious! I was also ecstatic to find that steamed frozen vegetables taste way better than boiled frozen vegetables. You see, produce is pretty expensive around here, you can imagine, so we’re saving the fresh stuff for special occasions and the every once and a while.

Don’t worry, I didn’t eat that whole thing. I just used the whole thing to take this marvelous picture. I’m must admit that I am awesome. It was so delicious. I am ready to make it again soon. Probably make it a sunday dish. I’m also going to be adding this to my other blog.

Well, as mentioned before, we don’t have a kitchen table. Sometimes we sit on the couch and eat but other times it is just easier to sit on the floor.

Here’s a shot of me eating soup from earlier this week.


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