My new found favorite breakfast: Skyr Drykkur

Well, ladies and gentleman, the wait continues to settle in. We have a few more things we would like to get done before we move upstairs so it might be another week. I admit, part of me wants to just move up there anyway, but I know once I got up there… I would just be bothered by these undone things like the unvacuumed furniture, the strong odors of cleaner and previous ownership, and the curtains. We have the material for the curtains, we just need to sew them and buy curtain rods and get those installed. One thing at a time. Good news, the basement is still pretty cozy so its still nice down here.

Great news: We were not only able to get material for the bedroom curtains and an assortment of lace curtains for the other rooms, we were able to get dishes! The Wohlgemuths had extra pots, silverware, a steamer, a frying pan, a strainer, bread pans… I will now be able to cook beyond foiled fish! Wahooo!!!

I have found my new favorite breakfast. It is a form of the skyr that they have here. Skyr is not quite yogurt… or cream cheese… but the texture and the taste remind me of the two combined or something. Yeah… I don’t have the right words to describe it. Go here to read more about regular skyr. The stuff that I like even better than skyr is the skyr drykkur. It’s kind of like those yogurt smoothies… only tastier!

For all of you who are coming this Spring to Iceland to visit us, we’ll make sure you get to try it. Don’t really know if you can avoid it, actually. See, it is packed full of protein and other nutrients so its pretty much a staple food here. 🙂 Oh, and when I say “all of you who are coming this Spring to Iceland to visit us,” I mean, anyone who has some extra money and wants to sleep in our living room (unless you can afford a hotel) is more than welcome to come. The weather starts to warm up beginning of April and by the end of April and beginning of May… I hear it is nice outside. (When I say nice… I mean Icelandic nice.) So, if you are interested, just let me know. There are already a few signed up.


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