My Quest for Soup

I think the sunny days I have enjoyed are over for a while. Snow flurries are in the forecast and the sky is hidden behind gray clouds. The wind has also picked up. Since Xan is sick, I ran to the store to try to buy some soup. Now, I’ve never been big on soup and am not to savy on soup buying, I would say… so I think I bought 6-7 different brands of soup hoping that at least one of them would be good. The first one that we tried today was actually not too shabby.

It tasted like lamb broth which was different than what I am used to but pretty good!

We’re thinking we’re going to add some more rice to the soup to give it more content next time. Apparently, Europeans are big on dehydrated soups without much to them.

One way to guard against the cold and the wind is to bundle up. I feel like an old Scandinavian woman but I stay warm… which is the important part.

I obviously took the alternate route to Kronan today so I didn’t have to walk too near the coast where it would be horribly windy. I passed some great graffiti on my way.

Tomorrow, I am going to get some material from Brother and Sister Wolgumuth to make curtains. Hopefully, Xan and I will be moving to the attic tomorrow. I’m really hoping so because I’d really like to unpack my suitcases for the first time since we were married. 🙂


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