A Spider!

Xan and I are both feeling pretty rotten. I, fortunately, only have a sore throat and body aches. Xan, on the other hand, has a stuffy nose, bad cough… the whole works. 😦

One thing that we both like about Iceland is the absence of bugs and spiders. Even by the ocean, there are no pesky things flying around with its life purpose to annoy you. Well, you can imagine my surprise when this morning I saw a spider crawl across the room. It gave me a scare but being the super person that I am, I was able to dispose of it. Of course, not without dramatic vocals accompanying my efforts. My theory is that it traveled with us to Iceland. We were living in basements for the three months prior to our arrival which is a prime spot for spiders to crawl into our suitcases. The good news is that it really is just too cold for them to survive.

Now, did you see that trick I just did? I’m learning HTML and CSS… at least attempting. That is the computer language for web design and stuff. And, to spare you the common discomfort of a picture of a house spider, I just set up a link to it for those who want to see. Yes, I know. I am awesome.

I’ll do another one so people who don’t like spiders can still see how awesome I am becoming. Let’s see… I’ll do a rainbow.

Stay tuned to see what other cool tricks I learn in all my spare time over here. 🙂


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