Walking the coastline

Today marks our one week in Iceland so far. Xan had a meeting with a professor at noon and then class at three so he’ll stay on campus all afternoon. So, I took this oppurtunity to go out and do some errands on my own. It was a warmer day, I think… still very cold… but my face stayed warm just a little longer than usual before turning frigid cold. My first stop was the bakery. It is on the way to the University so I walked with Xan until then. Xan and I ate through the half loaf in just a day or two so this time I decided to get the whole loaf… yes, the bread is FANTASTIC! Then I walked back home and dropped the bread off and got my backpack. The other stores I needed to go to were the other direction. Xan showed me a faster way to get to these stores that are off the coast (avoiding walking along the coast as much as possible because it is so much colder by the ocean) but sometimes I really like watching the ocean. Today was such a day. Here is a video of my view.

I first went to Byko which is like a Home Depot or Lowes. I was checking on the prices of curtains. Just so I don’t forget by the time Xan gets home, the prices ranged from 2,000 to 10,000 Kron for an average sized window. (1 US dollar equals 135 Kron.) My favorite were bamboo and were about 3-4,000 but the fabric-like roll up blinds were the cheapest and still aren’t bad. The Wolgumuths are going to see if they have any blinds that we can borrow and there are also other stores to check. The second store was Kronan. It is one of the three grocery stores near our house. It’s also the fartherst (one minute farther than Bonus) but it is right next to Byko and less crowed. The third one (something like Noatan) is six minutes closer and only three minutes away from our home but I think it is more expensive than the other two. I know that 9 minutes doesn’t seem like that long of a walk but when it is freezing cold outside (its been 3-5 degrees below zero these past few days), it can be a VERY long walk. 🙂

Xan and I are working on a theory about milk and darkness. He was reading about reptiles and their need for UV light to stay healthy and happy. He had read somewhere that reptiles who are given enough calcium and vitamin D actually don’t need UV light. His proposal is that drinking milk will decrease the effect of little sun to a human’s moral during the winter. Winters usually don’t affect him and we are thinking that is because he already drinks a ton of milk. So, I am going to join the band wagon and start drinking lots of milk. Anything to help!

Well, I still have a list of things to get to before Xan gets home (a trick of motivation) so I better get back to it. I want to get the floors bleached, vacuum the furniture, bleach down the kitchen surfaces, and do a bit of daily cleaning bits and pieces down here in the basement. I only have three hours! I better work fast…


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