Xan and I were on our way to the grocery store this afternoon to buy a mop and a few other cleaning supplies. It was freezing cold but had blue skies and lower winds, and I turned to Xan and said, “Isn’t this really nice weather today?” The crazy part was that I actually meant it! Xan turned to me and replied, “You sound like an Icelander.”

Today, Xan and I continued to clean the attic. Yesterday, he ran a lot of errands while I stayed home and cleaned. I did my usual BYU approved cleaning to the attic and had thought that I was almost done. I mean, for anyone who has ever lived in the Foreign Language Student Residency, you know that those cleaning inspections are tough and require some good cleaning. But, I was very wrong. Xan, having grown up all over the world and being the child of a cleaning fanatic father, is having us desanitize and bleach down the whole apartment. Very smart but definitely not something that I have ever done before. It is a new meaning to the word clean that is a very good thing… but a lot of work. We got most of it done but still need to bleach the floors and vacuum the furniture since the last owners had a dog and there is a lot of dog hair on the couches, rugs, ect. Then, we have to buy apartment stuff like curtains, a kitchen table and chairs, a mattress (yes, he still sleeps on the camping pads in our bedroom while I sleep on the couch in the living room/kitchen), and lots of kitchen stuff so I can cook something other than spaghetti. 🙂 I’m hoping that it just takes another week or two before we are not only moved in, but are situated and comfortable. 🙂

Tonight, we went out to eat with one of Xan’s classmates named Alita. She’s American and is really nice. I had fish and chips again and really like squeezing the lemon on the fries. Try it sometime… its really good! I took these pictures on our way back home.


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