Thanksgiving in Iceland

Yeah, there is no Thanksgiving Holiday in Iceland except for the few Americans who try to celebrate by themselves. Turkey is pretty hard to come by around here and Xan and I figured that IF we could find a turkey (not likely) it would be too big and too expensive to be worth our while. We had decided to go out and eat puffin instead. But, one of the missionary couples here had luckily found a turkey a couple of weeks ago and invited all six elders, the other missionary couple, and us to join them for a huge Thanksgiving feast. Oh my! It was delicious! After dinner, there was a single adult activity that Xan and I decided to crash. He knows a lot of them and they’re our age and older so we figured, why not? It was a lot of fun. We played different games. Of course, I didn’t understand the commentary unless an English phrase or two passed my way but games are played by rules, not always by conversation so I was okay. 🙂 Everyone was really nice.

I didn’t take any pictures today. It was so windy! As Xan and I were walking to the grocery store, there were a couple of times I grabbed a fence instinctively because I really felt like I was going to be blown off my feet. It made our walk entertaining… but very cold!

Xan is catching up in his studies so far. He still hasn’t gotten everything organized in terms of making up for all the homework he missed but we’re hoping he gets that settled by the end of the week. From the stuff that he has now, he’s okay. The program coordinator has also been extremely helpful and has been supplying suggestions here and there for Xan to help make things a bit easier. In order to get his degree, he has to take 90 credits. (each class is ten) 30 of those credits are for his thesis. The other 60 are meant to be split up into two semesters. There are four classes Xan wants to take next semester so he is trying to work it out that he takes only 20 credits this semester and 40 credits next semester. That plan is part of the bit he is trying to get organized by the end of the week.

The last bit of news is that Xan and I have decided to move to the attic. The basement is good and all but the attic will give us more shelves, a larger kitchen, and more space. It also provides more windows to let in the little sunlight that comes (Oh, by the way, I saw the sun today. It rises and sets in the South… but I saw it!) and a balcony for me to get fresh air without having to leave home. This makes us hope even more that we are able to find a way for me to stay. The members here seem optimistic but nothing is final until the government gives the okay. They are apparently famous for changing their rules all the time and being difficult to work with so maybe within the next three months, they will change the rules in favor of me being able to stay! 🙂 For now, I’m going to remain optimistic.


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