Getting to Iceland

Xan and I woke up Sunday morning at 7:00 am. We got to the SLC airport at about 9:00 am and started checking in. Our itinerary was to fly from Salt Lake to Chicago to Boston to Iceland. And thus, our Iceland saga continues… Happily, Iceland let us through, although not without a few set backs we had to fix. We arrived in Reykjavik at 6:00 am Iceland time and 11:00 pm Utah time. We were ready for bed… but it was morning so we did our best to grudge through the day. I have to admit, I like it here. It’s only been two days but its really nice. The air is supremely fresh and pure. The water is interesting. There are two options: scalding hot water heated by lava underground, or freezing water from glaciers. It is taking some getting practice to combine the two for a happy medium. The hot water smells like sulfur. Taking showers is weird because of it but strangely, I don’t smell like sulfur afterwards. Even my hair that I washed smells like the shampoo… not the sulfur. Our apartment is a basement and is pretty nice. I would say it is comparable to the average apartment in Provo… a bit cleaner, maybe. 🙂 Sylvia, our landlady, took us on a tour of the attic apartment which will be available in a few days. It is bigger, nicer, and more spacious and still within our original budget. We are still trying to decide which one we want. In the mean time, we’re in the basement. We were both pleasantly surprised at how nice it has been here. There was about 6 hours of overcast daylight yesterday and today. Yeah!

Here our a few photos I’ve taken.

This one made me laugh. These covers were on the airplane to Iceland. You can clearly see how proud they are of their viking heritage!

Sorry it is sideways… I’ve tried a couple of times but it just wants to be sideways. This phrase was on the napkins. I’ve never seen this kind of display before. I enjoyed it.

Here is Xan… we were both exhausted. We left Utah in the morning, got to Iceland in the morning, so we had no night to sleep. We did our best to take cat naps and stay awake so we could fall asleep at night.

We don’t have a bed yet but we do have a sofa bed and Sylvia lent us some pads to lay on the floor. The sofa bed reminded us of the ‘chastity coaches’ they had at the foreign language student residency back in Fall 2004 since it had a hard center. They were awful! They had wooden beam in between each cushion… so it was hard to sit close to that certain other person… thus they became known as the chastity coaches.

And this picture is my first glimpse of the the Atlantic Ocean. We flew into Boston in the evening after it was dark so I wasn’t able to see it then. I took this picture on the way to the grocery store.

This week is all about settling in, orienting ourselves, and adjusting so I don’t have all the energy to take all to cool shots I was hoping for but they are coming.


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