My New Career Choice

First off, we haven’t heard anything new yet from Iceland. Still waiting… What’s new, right? 🙂

Secondly, I have been thinking more about graduate school and what I would like to do with it. For a while now, I’ve been thinking of being a high school teacher and teaching world history, geography, and hopefully Chinese (since there are more and more high schools offering Chinese programs). The down side to this plan is that I won’t be able to focus on Asia. Not that I have anything against the rest of the world; I actually would love to learn more about other areas. But, my focus has always been Asia since my college career. High School’s focus is more on Europe. But it seemed like the best option I had so far. And then Xan said something that has made me think hard for a long time.

We were talking about his graduate school possibilities for his PHD. His top four schools are: Cornell – humanities, Sydney – humanities, Texas A&M – nautical archeology, and Hawaii – physics. He’s applying to other places, too, but these are his particular favorites in terms of program options and resources he would have. He admitted that if he was accepted into Hawaii, he would have a really hard time saying no to them. They have these awesome observation centers. Let me post some pictures of them:

(Notice how the clouds are BELOW the peak. They get snow up here, too.)

They have these huge telescopes that Xan would have access to. One of them is dedicated solely to graduate’s use and is bigger than BYU’s largest. Some of the other even bigger ones have some time set aside for graduates but only like 15%. As he was showing me these pictures and explaining why it is so awesome, he said something like, “How could I say no to going and playing to get my degree.” The point was that it wouldn’t be work for him. It would be fun.

So, I started thinking, what kind of work do I consider fun? To save you the trouble of reading my entire thought process and get straight to the conclusion: An Asian Studies Professor. This means that now I’m looking into teaching college level. I would like to teach Asian history, geography, culture, and language. Who knows if it will work out where I will be able to teach ALL of these subjects but I’m pretty sure if all else fails, I’ll make it as a history teacher and focus my classes on Asian history.

With this new goal in mind, I’ve looked at the schools Xan is applying to and the less prestigious schools near those schools and I was very happy to find a lot of really good programs and I have the right background for it: a BA in Asian Studies. So, pretty much wherever Xan goes (besides Sydney… financing being the problem) I’ll be able to get my MA… if I get accepted, of course.

Thirdly, the GRE really isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Of course, I’m not shooting for perfect scores, which helps. I definitely have needed to review my math skills but they only test on basic math skills. There isn’t any advanced stuff. THANK YOU!!! So, I’m planning on taking the GRE around Christmas time. And if that doesn’t work, and since I won’t be applying to any graduate programs until Fall 2010 after we know which school Xan gets into, I’ll have time to take it another time. This is relying on the hopefull fact that Xan and I will have a better idea of where we will be and what we will be doing in a year than we do currently. 🙂 Keep your fingers crossed!


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