I found this photo on one of my friend’s profile in Facebook. I wish I remembered which friend… but it is way too funny to keep to myself. Now, I’m not posting any political views or anything so I don’t want any political debates or discussions about this. It’s for fun. I’m just an Asian Studies fanatic. When I lived in the Chinese house summer 2007, we loved finding this kind of stuff and making fun of Chinese propaganda. I still have our favorite chant in my head… 毛主席,毛主席,万岁,毛主席。It means, “Chairman Mao, Chairman Mao, Live a thousand years, Chairman Mao.” Enjoy!

For those of you who aren’t into Chinese propaganda, this is supposed to be a picture of Chairman Mao being supported by the workers, soldiers, students, and peasants. They are the ones represented by China’s four stars on their flag. The Communist Government is the big star.


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