Finally, a bit of good news!

We have some news! Xan’s residency application will be complete on Monday. We finally figured out what documents the Office of Immigration needed. We found out last week with Sylvia’s help (our landlady that is on my favorite people list) that there was a problem with three aspects of Xan’s application. The first was that they had lost the proof of insurance that our insurance company had sent them. That was easy to fix. The insurance company sent another one. The second problem was the whole drama of Xan not being enrolled at the university that I ranted about last update. Sylvia found out that the university didn’t have a copy of Xan’s receipt proving that he had paid tuition. So, we scanned that to the university and Xan is now OFFICIALLY enrolled. Yeah! The third problem was the trickiest to figure out. The Office of Immigration was not accepting our bank statement that we sent for our proof of financial support. Europe uses bank books. You can google it ’cause I’m not 100% what they are but basically they are books that the Europeans have that they can have their bank statements printed onto by either a banker or an ATM. Iceland wanted a copy of our bank book. Well, we Americans don’t have bank books. What we were able to work out after A LOT of figuring it out was we had the bank stamp the statement and sign it and included his business card in case Iceland wanted more verification. We sent that today and it will arrive on Monday. His application will be complete!!!

But, this doesn’t mean everything is resolved. Now, we have to wait for them to process the paperwork and issue the permit. It is still possible that they take their ‘four to six weeks’ to process. Hopefully, they won’t. They have said that there aren’t very many other visas to be processed right now and they are VERY aware of our situation since Xan e-mails them all the time. We are really hoping to be gone by the middle of this month.


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