Halloween with Kim’s kids

Xan and I have been so focused on figuring out what we are going to do that I hadn’t thought much about Halloween. In order to get the Halloween spirit, I decided to go and help my sister today with her six kids and all the Halloween stuff they had going on there. The kid’s school had some school festivities going on including a pumpkin show in the gym showcasing all the kid’s carved and painted pumpkins.

This is Arianna, the eldest. She is in the 6th grade working her way to middle school. He Halloween costume was Tonks, from Harry Potter. She’s already read through the entire series several times. I barely made it through them once!

This is Timothy in the 4rth grade. He made his Halloween costume by drawing bones and taping them to a black shirt. Very creative!

He did a VERY good job. It is easy to tell that he is a skeleton.

It was crazy hair day at school and so Kim grew out Timmy’s hair really long. Last night, the original plan was to shave half of one side off and leave the other half long. Timmy changed his mind last minute to get a mohawk. It will be all shaved after Halloween.

This is Christine, or Chrissy, as we all call her. She is in the 2nd grade. I think she is a medieval princess or person or maybe an elf… I forgot to ask her. Either way, I want a dress like that my size.

Kim found a hula skirt downstairs that we tried to convince Chrissy to wear and be Rapunzel but she didn’t like it. Too bad. I think it looks pretty sweet.

Here’s the Kindergartener, Gracie. She is like a little grown-up sometimes. She is Hello Kitty but she couldn’t find the headband with the ears so she was a little upset at the time of this picture.

And this is her with her boyfriend Charlie. It was an unbelievable moment when they found each other at the pumpkin show. He came running up to her and yelled, “Gracie.” She turned around at the sound of his voice and exclaimed, “Charlie!” They ran off together holding hands. I swear, it was like watching a scene from a chic flick or something. Apparently, they’ve been dating for years. They met in nursery and hit it off. Gracie says she’s going to marry him. They stayed together pretty much all night holding hands.

And here’s Sammy. He’s got another two years before he’ll go to school. He’s proudly showing off his spider web project he made. In his left hand, he is holding a small plastic spider that is scary but not poisonous.

He was curious George and ran around making monkey noises.

The youngest doesn’t like strangers (anyone he doesn’t see on a weekly basis, which would be me) so I was nice and let him be. He was dressed as a puppy dog. The same costume that each of the kids have worn their first Halloween since Arianna.


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