My latest favorite delay

Here’s a post for anyone who wants a riddle. Xan sent out his new residency permit application for Iceland last Tuesday (over a week ago). He recently received an e-mail from the Icelandic Office of Immigration (the people in charge of issuing the permits) reminding him that Xan needs to have the university of Iceland send the Office of Immigration proof of enrollment. So, Xan e-mails his university contact and requests that she send the information over. He gets an e-mail back from her saying that he cannot enroll until he gets to Iceland.

The riddle is: How does Xan get enrolled after arriving in Iceland if he can’t get to Iceland until he is enrolled???

I am sorry but this whole system that Iceland has for people to get residency permits has proved to be completely incompetent in my book. They don’t answer our questions by e-mail, they have no direct phone number that we can call, they are not unified in their answers which constantly gives us opposing answers, and it really makes me wonder if anyone from America has ever succeeded in getting one in a timely manner! On a happy note, our future landlady in Iceland (although I guess she is our current landlady since we already paid a month of rent to help save our place even if we aren’t actually living there yet) is getting very sympathetic with us and anxious for us to come. She is going to call the Office of Immigration tomorrow (which is about now, my time) and see if she can’t get some of Xan’s questions answered and help speed things up. I hope so.

Current news, Xan is in the process of keeping himself pretty busy lately. He has two more weeks to prepare for the physics GRE which is proving to be a lot harder than we thought it would be. He’s been out of the physics program for three years now and has a lot of reviewing and reminding to do in order to get him ready. He also has a ton of reading assignments from a few books he already owns for his Icelandic courses. He has the class presentation to complete and a paper to write that relates to the presentation (which he’ll do on ships which he already knows). And to top it all off, he needs to get his graduate applications started and finished for Fall.

Happy Halloween!


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