The Bell Tower

Today was a very exciting day. Our friend Zhenya played the organ for the forum at BYU. She’s working on her Masters in organ performance. She’s extremely talented. The speaker was a former president of South Africa and it was REALLY good. Xan says it is on his list of top 3 or 4 in his 10 years at BYU where he went to most of the devotionals/forums. Anyway, after the forum we ran some errands (including getting my diploma!) and visited his grandma down in Payson while Zhenya had work and class. Then she took us up to the bell tower.

We had to climb 100 stairs to get to the top. If you refer to the picture above, the instrument is located in the black section.

I was extremely tired and a little dizzy when we got to the top. It was harder to go back down, though…

This is a shot looking up at the bells. It was hard to see them all but it was fun to watch them ring. The bells themselves don’t move but the ringer does.

Here is the view from the top.

It plays like an organ. The larger bells are controlled by the petals.

The higher bells are played by hitting them with your fists. It’s really entertaining to watch. This is Zhenya’s first year playing them.

She is extremely generous and insisted I try it out. It didn’t take very much convincing, to be honest. I mean, come on! Who has heard the bells from the bell tower reaching all over campus and hasn’t wanted to play them??? I chose to play Truth Reveals Upon Our Senses. I only messed up once when I forgot the D was a flat. 🙂 Of course, I only played the soprano line. Zhenya helped by playing the petals and giving me the bass line.

Now I have played a hymn on an organ in a Catholic cathedral in Salt Lake City and in the bell tower of Brigham Young University. 🙂 All thanks to Zhenya!!!

Thanks for all those who have guessed… and keep on guessing. We actually received another bit of a possibility today. Xan ran into Friðrik while we were leaving campus. He is an Icelander working on his masters degree here. His dad does a little work with China and MIGHT have a position for me and my sweet Chinese skills. It’s an extremely slim chance with the Icelandic economy suffering more than we are in America. The Icelandic krona (their currency) has dropped 40%. It sure helps Xan and I out, however. The apartment we want to rent went from around $1200 to $650. So, it depends on a lot of factors of how well his dad’s business is doing to see if its worth hiring me. Apparently the minimum wage is still a significant amount compared to here. The funny news is that if I do get this job, I will likely have a specific work permit/visa that qualifies me to bring my spouse, even though Xan’s permit/visa can’t bring me. Hehehe.

Things we do know… we are still undecided about which country we will choose. It probably will stay this way for another week or two while we wait to hear more about the job offer for Xan in Saudi, and the maybe job offer for me in Iceland.


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